Privacy always comes first at Bally’s


As the average person entrusts more and more of their information to technology, the role of data protection and privacy has never been more crucial. In few places is that truer than the iGaming industry, which is why Bally’s is proudly committed to providing best-in-class security and protection for our players and our employees alike.

At the head of our ongoing quest to safeguard critical information is Anne-Claire Dubois, our VP Group Privacy & Data Protection Officer. With over 15 years’ worth of experience in the field of data protection, Anne-Claire has led our dedicated privacy team to go above and beyond the basic industry-wide legal requirements, forging ahead on a philosophy of ethical operations, passion, and integrity.

This year, Anne-Claire is a shortlisted nominee for the Chief Privacy Officer of the Year award at the Women in Governance, Risk & Compliance (WGRC) Awards. Whether she ultimately takes home the award or not, Anne-Claire’s achievement as a leader in her field is something everyone at Bally’s can be immensely proud of!

The WGRC Awards are part of the annual calendar of events hosted by the GRC Forum, a leading resource and educational platform providing training, certification, and thought leadership in the field of governance, risk management, and compliance. As an industry-agnostic award, we are even more proud to say that Anne-Claire represents the only nomination for a casino operator this year! Fellow nominees in the same category come from an impressive array of sectors, including leaders of their respective industries such as The Coca-Cola Company, Logitech, and Lloyd’s of London.

Being the sole representatives of the iGaming industry at the WGRC Awards is a testament to the work that Anne-Claire and her team have dedicated themselves to over the last few years to build successful foundations for Bally’s. In this respect, the team were also part of the effort to achieve the ISO 27702 Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) Certification for Bally’s, as an extension to our existing ISO 27001 certification. This achievement makes us the only international online gaming operator with a double ISO certification to date, a clear testament to our commitment to creating a safe environment for our players and employees alike. Sounds like they’ve definitely embraced our #LovetoLead ethos!

A few of our privacy protectors! Right to left: Dan Crawford, Dounia Lahri, Alessandra Leach, Anne-Claire Dubois, Bansri Tanna, Natasha Singh, Sihem Jouini.

With so much going on for our Data Protection and Privacy teams as they manage key practices for all company data, there’s plenty of room to grow at Bally’s. But what makes the ideal candidate for any openings in this field? When we put the question to her, Anne-Claire had a few words of advice for everyone waiting to make their start as a Privacy Officer:

“From the start of your career, if you embrace this role, you have to accept that not everyone will agree with you, and not everyone will be on your side. As a DPO, you will advocate not on behalf of the business model but on behalf of people, and you need passion to make your case. So be passionate, know your stuff, and go for it!”

Our legal, privacy, and compliance teams are always looking for new talent to help lead the way in our markets around the world. If you believe that #YouMakeTheDifference and want to know more, take a look at our open roles today!