Global Pride Celebrations at Bally’s Interactive


Creating truly inclusive workplaces doesn’t just happen by accident, but we’re ready to put the work in to make sure that every Bally’s Interactive employee is empowered to bring their authentic selves to work every single day! Building a workplace that runs on an inclusive spirit gives our employees a safe place to grow and thrive both professionally and personally.

Pride means different things to different people, and we’re thrilled to support that! From painting and drag bingo to charity bake sales with tasty rainbow sweet treats, our global offices each took a different approach to celebrating Pride this year.

Our PRIDE network also hosted an insightful live session featuring EDI consultant and director of Trans Pride Manchester, Arlo West (they/them/their). It gave employees across all our offices the chance to hear Arlo’s insights and experiences, delving into Queer and Trans experiences, their intersectionality with neurodiversity, and strategies for fostering inclusive workspaces. It was truly enlightening!

We’re thrilled to share that our amazing teams in Rhode Island joined in the festivities at the Rhode Island PrideFest and Illuminated Night Parade! We encouraged everyone to get involved, celebrate Pride Month together, and have a great time while showing their support.

Now let’s delve into unique ways of celebrating PRIDE in Bally’s Interactive offices around the globe!

We’re proud of our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace, not just this month, but all year round!