Breaking Our Own Records at the WIG Diversity Awards!


After breaking our own record for another consecutive year and landing a monumental 26 shortlisted individual nominations along with two additional nominations for the entire organization, we were proud to attend the 2024 Women in Gaming (WiG) Diversity Awards in London!

Our Impact at This Year’s Women in Gaming Awards

Remarkable speech by Tracey Wiley at WiG Awards 2024.

This unforgettable evening began with an inspiring keynote address delivered by our very own Tracey Wiley, the Executive Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Tracey’s insightful and passionate speech set the tone for the event, highlighting the importance of these values in our industry and beyond. In addition to her role as a speaker, Tracey also had the distinct honour of serving on the awards judging panel in the supplier categories. We are incredibly proud of Tracey’s tireless work in her role, and her presence at this wonderful event.

Bally’s Interactive Champions

Once it was time for the winners to be announced, we truly had something exceptional to celebrate! We are thrilled to share that Bally’s employees and teams achieved remarkable success, securing not just one, but three prestigious awards!

Hardeep Borys was honoured with the HR Champion Award
Sol Khera was awarded the Excellence in Customer Care Award
• Therese Wallin received the Employee Wellbeing Award

Hardeep Borys 2024 HR Champion Award winner.

Now, join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to our outstanding nominees:

Adelaide Leeder – Inspiration of the Year
Alex Whittaker – Positive Role Model of the Year
Brazil CS Team – Bally’s Interactive – Excellence in Customer Service
Carolina Martin – Leader of the Year
Catherine Nguyen-Cat – Employee of the Year
Christel Marioni – Industry Achiever
Ellis Dawkins – Young Leader of the Year, HR Champion Award
Emma Quinn – Industry Achiever
Erika Vito – HR Champion Award
Gemma Duncan – HR Champion Award
Grace Olive Gill – Employee of the Year
Hardeep Borys – HR Champion Award
Jade Appleby – The Outstanding Mentor Award
Janelyn Coberos – Industry Achiever
Kirsten Bond – Inspiration of the Year
Laura Dennis – Star of the Future
Lisa Galea – Employee of the Year
Sherrine MacLeod-Brown – Employee of the Year
Sol Khera – Excellence in Customer Service
Susy Johnson – Leader of the Year
Tate Jones – Star of the Future
Tatiana Alonso – Employee of the Year
Wilma Rauhanummi – Star of the Future

Recognized Efforts

In addition to these individual achievements, our company was also nominated in two significant categories: Diversity and Inclusion and the Community Engagement Award. We are incredibly grateful for being recognized in these categories. These awards serve to highlight our ongoing commitment towards nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment, as well as our dedication to making a positive impact beyond our organizational boundaries.

As a company that deeply values the celebration and advocacy of diversity, we are truly honoured to receive this recognition within the industry. We take great pride in the dedication and hard work shown by each nominee and winner, and congratulate them on their achievements and the positive impact they have on our company and industry.

Congrats once again to Hardeep, Sol, Therese, and all nominees!